Facebook Wednesday..

Is back to work I go…

Last fall we, EMS Educators whom work all kinds of crazy hours. Days, evenings, weekends were told we would have to start ‘clocking’ in.

So to avoid having to drive 5 days a  week I need to make sure I get my 40 in Monday – Thursday…So to avoid having to stay really late when I have no classes…AM heading out early..

And they passed the more spending, more taxes bill last night…MoFu’s!!!!


Obamacare owns this and what the hell does Cabela’s have to do with medical devices???

Yikes AsLong Broken CrineStats Difference DontAlways First Freefall GunControlChicagoStyle GunFree HappyDays IDareYou Interactive Jail Muskets MyPrecious NewYorkLies Oath Percentages Plan Rednecks SamsDay Soros SqueakyToys Sucks TooStupid Top10 Votes Wantit WhoVotedForBuckOfama feinstein_assault_weapons_ban



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