Gun Stuff and Wednesday Wanderings…

The Tyrant Buck Ofama needs to remember:

“The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted” (Psalm 12:8).

Why yes we are a bit upset with you Freedom denying, gun grabbing fools. Why do you ask?

Hollywood and Hypocrisy….go hand in hand….

We’ll pry them from your cold dead hands….Oh really? and I trust author will be at the head of the stack when they come for them…

Go Ted…A letter from Nugent to Biden…Say all you Nugent bashers…What are you gunnie types doing that comes close to what he does to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights? That is what I thought…So shut up..In fact STFU!!!

Safer Ammo? LEO use only? Flattens on impact? And the bad guys will be using??? Real bullets….Won’t turn out well..

Say what? US Navy Seal Commander, Who Killed Osama Bin Laden, Commits ‘Apparent Suicide’ In Afghanistan

Got guns? Might be a problem in anti Freedom New Jersey…if you don’t have yours…Think this will affect the bad guys? Think again..

Concealed Carry + Mass Shootings = More Carnage? Liberal math fails  again ..

Mixed up, muddled world of “Sexual Orientation’…Damn straight and proud of it !!

First it was “LGB” — liberal shorthand for “lesbian, gay and bisexual.” Then they added a “T” for “transgender.” That’s cross-dressing. You know, fellas like 45-year-old Clay Francis (aka “Colleen”).

Mr. Francis enjoys macramé, long walks on the beach, wearing lady knickers and showering fully nude with 6-year-old girls.

President of Pro Murder group NARAL quits citing lack of youth in the Pro Murder movement..Maybe they, the youth, have realized they were damn lucking in being born? Your goal is to murder babies and your surprised by this?

Dictator Buck Ofama??? Why else would he want this. Sole control over the military?

Calling on individual Americans to “not wait for our elected officials” like President Barack Obama to take effective action against future shooting sprees, Etzioni demands that Americans “should do our share.”  They should namely “mark” their dwellings with “gun free” signs.

Or just put up a sign saying..”Defenseless and helpless! Come murder, rob, rape, pillage”. That would be he end result you moron!!

So do we Buck Ofama, So do we!!! Molon Labe!!

Think about it!! Arm our enemies, and disarm America Citizens. How well will this work out? Won’t!!

Gun free zones. How does one protect themselves in an illogical irrational world conceived by those whom cannot protect you, yet want to disarm you?

You can’t!!

For some reason, there is an element of American society that believes people intent on murder will follow other laws.  Laws such as those that prohibit the carrying of firearms in specific areas, for example.

1 Billion to Egypt and Buck Ofama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies…While we sent into more and more debt!!!

Here is a plan for Hollywood!! DO something real, instead of fake, instead of playing someone. Give all your money away to those starving and homeless…

Not ashamed…

Pravda(Russia’s News Outlet) Says DON”T give up your guns. I won’t, intentionally…


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