Gun Stuff and Funnies…Or Not..

Illinois…Buck Ofama’s Homeland…wants all your guns… And we know how well gun control has worked in their very own Chicago…(BTW Chicago sucks).

Illinois goes communist and becomes a Police State!! Revolution to follow?

Record gun sales per the FBI in December. And some think all those gun buyers are buying them to turn them in?? How stupid is that thought Buck Ofama?

Bill Whittle. So much smart here am surprised the Government has not outlawed him..Oh wait…first get rid of the 2nd Amendment, then the rest of them will follow and he won’t be allowed to show how stupid Government, Democrats, Liberals, Republicans, conservatives  are..

People Power…..Guns and Idiots..

Gun control advocates have been digging away at the 2nd Amendment because gun ownership is an individual right. And they don’t believe in individual rights. Their gospel is group rights. If the 2nd Amendment assigned the right to bear arms to each group by its degree of persecution, liberals would find it much more acceptable no matter what the annual death toll was. An LGBT 2nd Amendment would really float their boat.

Jobless claims UP and this was before they pushed us over the cliff!!

No gun needed for this murder. Just a car, a high speed crash, a guardrail, and some dude’s butt…But no gun.  So no violence..and some marijuana…go figure..

Chaos…Lots of lucky people here...could this be a ‘mass drowning because of stupid people event’? Or did the lake cause it by freezing over? Maybe sue Al Gore for lack of Global Warming here..

Shocking!!! I don’t believes it!!

Study: Rock stars at higher early death risks

Things I want…A suitcase gun!!

A Mosin? Wow….


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