Gun Stuff …Plus…

Following the Pelosi Rules of stupid governance…MUST pass the legislation to know whats in it…So if business can develop and produce and ship products without knowing how they work etc?? Shows how damn idiotic our government is. Our elected politicians do not even know what the hell they are voting for??

Government mandated light bulbs…Killing us slowly with their mandates..Light bulbs!!??

How do you answer when they come for your guns?

When they come for your guns, as they almost certainly will, whether tomorrow or in a couple years, will you obediently turn over your weapons and ammunition? Or will you hide them? Use misdirection, trickery, concealment? I hope you go with the latter options.

And, Christians, you should do so without even the slightest pang of conscience.

Ask sister Rahab, and she’ll tell you the same. You remember her story. In Joshua 2, you can read it. Her king, an idolatrous rebel against God, was looking for two spies who had been sent into the land by Joshua. Rahab hid them on the roof of her house, under the stalks of flax. Not only that, but when the tyrant’s men came specifically asking for them, she deceived them and sent them on a wild goose chase in the wrong direction.

What burglars have to say about the gun owners map…They say they will like it!! Duh!!

When they take them, you will have nothing and you will like it!!!

Gun control. Because Joe Biden says…..

Shootings the work of the infamous “Lone gunman?”…

Is starting new Gun Control legislation introduced…..

Moments after being sworn in Thursday as members of the newly minted 113th Congress, Reps. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) and Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) staged a press conference to formally introduce their proposed High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act, setting the stage for what could be a stormy winter of legislative initiatives by gun-control proponents.

The hi-cap mag ban legislation, originally introduced by McCarthy in 2011, had 138 co-sponsors in the 112th Congress but stagnated in the Republican-controlled House.

Muslim Brotherhood in Washington…In the White house…

Killing, for Obama, is okay…

Forward…Not so much…


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