Gun Stuff…….And More Mutterings..

Who needs guns?

Al Gore, AL Jazeera….In bed together? Common goal of effing America?

Proper gun control…Good guy lives, bad guy dead…

Buck Ofama’s entitlement society…

The biggest killers in America an no, guns are not anywhere near the top!!!

Guns and religion. Both important. And for one, it won’t exist without the other…

Another Elitist, a Georgetown Prof this time wants the Constitution…Dumped…

How the Buck Ofama Administration plans on railroading the NRA and Gun Owners…

Petition against the Wicked Witch’s DiFi’s gun ban..

You want my guns? When you let goons like these run about threatening and smacking others?? No thanks. I’ll keep them…

It cost HOW MUCH for Buck Ofama and Moochelle to take a vacation…

Hey Geraldo…Tough…Your somewhat pointless today…So hush…

Hey!! Obama voters…You built this...Now you can live with it…

Criminals are all Pro Gun Control…..

Gorebal Warmening….

Thirty-year record-low temperatures and a snow disaster have left two people dead and affected 770,000 others in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, local authorities said Sunday. Snow has fallen on 917,000 square kilometers, or 78 percent, of Inner Mongolia, with 82,000 square km buried in snow at least 25-centimeters deep, according to the regional meteorological authority. More than 3,700 residents have been relocated and 260,000 others are in need of emergency aid, sources with the region's civil affairs department said. By Jan. 4, snow had left about 180,000 head of livestock dead, with direct economic loss estimated at 690 million yuan (110 million U.S. dollars). Civil affairs authorities have earmarked disaster relief funds that will be allocated to those affected by adverse weather conditions ahead of the Spring Festival, which falls on Feb. 10 this year.

Eight people who were stranded Wednesday on Mount Chokai on the border of Akita and Yamagata prefectures were rescued Friday, police said, adding that all are in good health. Elsewhere in the mountains, however, two other climbers were found with frostbite injuries and two remain missing. According to Akita police, the eight, men ranging in age from their 20s to 50s from Akita and Iwate prefectures, took to the mountain Wednesday on snowmobiles with another eight people. But only half of them managed to return after they were hit by a severe snowstorm. The stranded eight spent Wednesday night in a snow cave they made as a shelter, the police said. On Thursday, they managed to descend to a cottage halfway down the mountain, where they spent another night, they added. The cottage had a stove and they had some food. Meanwhile, Nagano police Friday found two climbers who were stranded after a snowstorm hit Tuesday on Mount Otenshodake in the Northern Alps. Both have suffered frostbite but are conscious and awaiting an airlift. Nagano police are also searching for two climbers who were reported missing Monday on Mount Myojin.


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