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  1. All part of the bigger scheme in the invasion of America from within. If you notice, Obama and Biden are starting a Blitzkrieg style offensive on the Second Amendment. Strange how situations always arize for Obama to start a campaign of stripping Americans rights? The burning of the Oil Rig in the Gulf. The many Shootings of the Innocents, all seem to play right into Obama’s hands. Now of course Fast & Furious was an oops moment but, he quickly shut that down, never to be heard from again. And of course Libya, not sure that will ever see the light of day. Obama uses all these to his advantage with the help of the Media. What I don’t under stand is a small group of mature Citizens, the Tea Party actually was able to put close to a million People, depending on who is counting, in Washington DC. Now is the time to put 50 million. Warm Weather is coming, why on Earth isn’t a rally being formed. I have a bag packed, only waiting for a sign. hint! hint!

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