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With the arrival of our new Marxist-driven atheist America led by Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Squaw Elizabeth Warren,  Lady Hillary,  Maxine Waters,  Sheila Jackson-Lee,  and countless others in  government, and around in the press, Hollywood, on television, at university, church and synagogue, we might forget about famous childhood hotel-raised misfit from Washington, Al Gore, Jr.  whose fame arrived from his racist father, Al Gore, Sr.  
Honesty and trickery have never been so popular  in Americana since the Richard Nixon era.   Stars among the ObamaLeft now twinkle clearly in health, labor, racial, social politics from coast to coast,  but none shine  so brightly,  so expansively and overwhelmingly   in today’s Obamaland  as the fairy tale associated with Global Warming, oops, more recently  called “Climate Change”.
Americans should pray for a  tad of warming here or there.    I certainly welcome it.   Unlike  the  Junior Gore and Marxist nearly everywhere,  I am an…

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