Facebook Tuesday..


YourCountry 74985_506606012704291_1518637179_n 196880_413169078765329_1920220153_n 226628_413169245431979_367078156_n 303529_413162922099278_723021249_n 429084_413170932098477_380787711_n 530342_413169712098599_1528417327_n 537244_413163698765867_1170919539_n 582403_507949429236616_433702427_n Agree AMemo AssOoftheYear AssualtHamer B52Concert BananaClip behindtheback ChicagoLaws Choice Coach Creepy CrimeVsGuns Cruz Curfew Deaths Despot Didyouknow Difference everytime extendyourlife FirstStep Fist funding GravityKills GunControlActivist GunControlChina GunControlRacist HalfCocked Hate HeilObama HeyCoach HeyGreenBay Idiots Ignoreit Inconvenience JobGrowth JustKidding Knowledge LastWord Lawsfail Lesson Lipstick ListenNumbnuts MoreTaxes No NoPay NotRude Nutshell Once OurCulture Overkill PerfectlyClear PorkFlu Remember Senseless SLeep Stand statism.jpg.w560h373 Statist TellBuckOfama TerriblyWrong TheDuke Tip TruthACLU Tyranny Waiting Want Welcome WHat WhatIf WHatIsHeDOing WithoutPay


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