Facebook Thursday…

Almost Friday…Almost..


Zinn 3stooges 11_224440A_Silver_ZombiePoster2_highres 88days 1971 64569_4103976599739_1677564553_n 253882_508274642528780_499445832_n AK47 Argumentive AWalk Ban BigSpider ComeandTry CongressShould Crazy Cursed Debt Defective EveelGuns EverSaid everyone Except FairFight FalseTestimony First FollowLaws Getitright GovernmentsAre GrowsFood Hero HighCap HighCapHammers HitlerHad IfOpposed Industrialgrade Infiltrates IWill IWillMisbahave JoeHollywood Journal List LottaGuns Map_US_Gun_Owners-ROCK-in-the-USSA-peoples-cube MeetTheJews Morethis NoCompromise NoFakeTears ObamasVision Obey OnceUpon OnlyRegister Oops Protest Report Restrict RichGore Rights Salute SkinColor SmartyPants SoLeave StillTime Stop StopClock StupidPeople SuckUp TellThatClown Tyranny Ugly unsuervised Wait Water WeThePeople You YouCry YourSolution


4 thoughts on “Facebook Thursday…”

      1. I scour the net every morning for a nice collection of political graphics to email out.
        Yours was a veritable cornucopia!
        I’ll make your blog a daily stop.

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