Facebook Friday…

Finally…Not that this was a bad week, jut adjusting to this new schedule, up at 5am and gone by 6:30 has been a bit difficult…

But it is good…


WOulditbother 5Truths 6peryear 524776_435612119843055_1203949873_n Advisory AHowToBook ANation Anyone Banning BetterPlace CapAndTrade CatholicsForObama CheesyRing Choice Choices comingsoon DeathToAmerica DebateLost Discreet DontWhen DOWeBlame DrinkUp Ewwww ExhaleSqueeze Fact FearOfWeapons Forts FreeSpeech gen-chart-550 Giveitachance Go GoodKid Guard GunFree GunsBad HellRaisers HowToControl Icanbury InObamaCare KilledNoOne KNowsNothing Legit LifeForm LiveFree Majority MArtialLaw Misguided Misunderstood MustKnow MyAss MyLittlePinkButt NoCompromise NoPester NotRecovery ObamaOr Please Protection Sheeple solution Solved StandUp States StepUp Ted TextingFor Cowards TheTime timthumb.php Tolerance Translation TurnOff Victims wethepeople When WhenSomeone WhyAre


3 thoughts on “Facebook Friday…”

  1. You’ve done it again! I spend hours looking for current news graphics, and when I come here…Ye Gads!…I hit the jackpot again. Henceforth – your blog will be my first stop.
    You’re awesome!

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