Facebook Satuday…

Ammo shopping today. Reloading equipment, components also..


YesWeCan 602780_446384528749915_1523272231_n A15Becasue AboutControl ActLikeSHeep Arguing AtTimes Bacon BadDog BigTurnout BlameWHo Choose ChoseOne Citizens for gun control Coincidence ComeGetThem CoverUp Cowards CurbViolence DefendLife Facts FearOfWeapons FrustratingLibs Futile GaveGuns GiveUp Gone Grandma GreatWedding GunDay gunlaws GunOwners GunsWelcome Ha Handsoff HowLibsThink Hypocrisy Hypocrites Idea If Involuntary KeepCalm KMA League Lew Lies Limit Motorbike Murdered NaziControl NeverIntended NoNeed NotGuns NotSaying Piers Prepared Preys Proud Resolve RestrictedSpeech RighttoMurder SaysHere SeeHim TheRight ThisMan today TSA TwoArguments Vote WatchList WeAreArmed WhereDoes WhoKills WhySOmeones words Yeah


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