Gun Stuff and Stuff That Interests Me!!!

Because that is why!!

Ted Nugent:
Obama’s gun-control plans ‘psychotic’

Wal Mart just lost any future business if true..

BREAKING & CONFIRMED: Wal Mart Is NOT Going To Order Any More Ammo.

An open letter to all “freedom fighters”

Troops in Africa? Are they invading us now also? Oh wait..already done that..

 Missteps and setbacks impacting gun ban momentum as gun owners start to advance

Is ‘Hi. We are the American Taxpayers whom fund you and elect you…And we are pissed..!”

What did they expect? Payroll taxes increased….because you need to pay for Buck Ofama‘s spending problem!!

This is liberal tolerance. This is an assO!!

Talk-radio host calls for ‘birthers’ to be killed

SO is the one ‘gunning’ for them? That should go well….

And really. Tell me. Why should I give rip? Why?

Oscars 2013: The Complete Academy Awards Nominations List and Northfield’s Connection

Lets think about this..Last movie I went to and paid for Admission…Hmm..Oh yeah…Courageous!!! Twice!! Once with the MBWITW and once with Boyz!!

This is Islam...


IRAN: This woman was raped and became pregnant. When she told the authorities she was asked to provide 4 witnesses.

End result? They executed her while she was 2 months pregnant.

This photo was taken before a crane was used to lift her neck up and suffocate her to death.

This is Islam.
This is Islamic Justice.
This is the teaching of Allah and his sidekick Mohommed.

Share this story in remembrance of this innocent women and invite people to join our page.


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