This is a guest post by the Very Honorable Ima Librul, Senator from the State of Confusion Utopia. He recently explained some of his difficulties in growing pineapples and focuses here on other major problems and opportunities facing modern American society. We are privileged to have a post of this caliber by a quintessential Librul such as the Senator, a charter member of President Obama’s Go For It Team.

Restrictions on firearm use and ownership will stimulate individual initiative, redistribute wealth and
end welfare as we know it.


Many conservatives have written harshly of President Obama’s splendid modernization of our welfare system and recent efforts to expand restrictions on ownership and use of firearms. I understand, perhaps uniquely, his Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of firearms, wealth and welfare and will try to explain it here. He desires nothing that could in any significant way diminish the United States Constitution…

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