America's Watchtower

 Last week Wyoming lawmakers proposed a “Firearms Protection Act” which would make it a felony for a federal agent to come into Wyoming and try to enforce certain potential bans that it is believed Barack Obama and the Democrats have planned in the very near future.

  Today Texas announced it would follow Wyoming’s lead and also introduce a “Firearms Protection Act” which, if I am reading this article correctly, would actually oppose ANY new gun or magazine bans or restrictions–taking it even one step further than the Wyoming plan–while also making it a felony for a federal agent to enforce the upcoming bans.

This law will make “any federal law banning semi-automatic handguns or limiting the size of gun magazines unenforceable within the state’s boundaries.”

  Let’s not kid ourselves here; we all know how well nullification works because it has been tried once before to disastrous results and in the…

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