Gun Stuff….For Buck Ofama..Is About Control..Not Guns..People..

“Of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people, commencing demagogues and ending tyrants.” —Alexander Hamilton

A Time to Rally

Consider for a moment this question. Why do we have a Second Amendment? What purpose does it serve?

Consider this. In April of 1775 on orders from the Crown the British Army marched out to seize the weapons and ammunition at Lexington and Concord from their post in Boston. The colonials rallied and fought back. It is considered to be the start of the American Revolutionary War.

But why did the Crown order the weapons and ammunition seized? After all the British Army was far larger than anything the Colonials could muster. The British Navy was the largest and most powerful in the world at that time. So why send troops to take the weapons?

Simple! Because that is the first move a tyrant makes. It’s the “go to” play in their book. Think about it for a moment. If they seized the all of the weapons and ammunition, they did get some of it that the colonists couldn’t remove in time, what would the colonials have to fight with?

Buck Ofama and the Washington Elite…Protection for their kids not for your kids…

All Presidents except one related???

Barack Obama’s Assault on Second Amendment Gun Rights

What Part Of “Shall Not Be Infringed” Does Obama Not Understand?

Now these Americans will be Rescued…Probably not with Buck Ofama in charge would not want to upset his Muslim Terrorist friends..

Now why is the Gub’mint buying ammo by the truck load…??


Gun Control: Some States, Lawmakers Resist

Also included in Obama’s presentation is expected to be a list of 19 executive orders that the President will take unilaterally in an attempt to control guns in America.

Gun show: ‘Some people can hardly walk they’ve got so much stuff’

“These guns and ammo are going out the door in arm loads. Some people can hardly walk they’ve got so much stuff,” said organizer Paul Snider.

60,000 Expected To Attend Vegas Gun Show

Hand wringing and pants wetting to follow..

The National Shooting Sports Foundation was focusing its 35th annual SHOT Show on products and services new to what it calls a $4.1 billion industry, with a nod to a raging national debate over assault weapons.

Gun sales skyrocket

More pants wetting to follow…

Michael Mooney, owner of Southern Hills Tactical in Custer, says the demand for firearms is unprecedented.

Brisk gun sales leave store shelves bare

“They’ve been though the roof,” said Open Range Sales consultant Aaron Hatfield of gun sales and one thing is driving them, “fear,” he said. “They’re scared of what’s going to happen and the unknown.”

Oh dear…pants wetters must be soaked by now!!

Gun show crowd lines up for guns, ammo

Lines stretched for hundreds of yards throughout the parking lot comprised of gun enthusiasts wanting to browse the latest technology or stock up on ammunition.

Pants wet, hyperventilating…

Harry Reid Says Assault Weapons Ban is Doomed

Click here to find out more!

Eastern Idaho sheriff: Gun control is ‘out of control’

“I personally am sick and tired of the government putting regulations in place that affect our personal rights, our property rights and the Constitution,” said Klingler.


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