Gun Stuff…What Ya Gonna Do…..

When they come for them….??

Buck Ofama’s list….Rules to be broken..

Massive Civil Disobedience May Follow Washington Crapola

“The introduction in Congress this week of anti-gun owner bills surely will be met with deep and hard opposition by America’s scores of millions of law-abiding gun owners,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today.

“In fact,” he added, “the anti-gun hysteria and other crapola coming out of Washington could lead to massive civil disobedience throughout the United States.”

If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?

Bracken: Dear Mr. Security Agent

Federal, state, or local. You, the man or woman with the badge, the sworn LEO or FLEA and those who inhabit the many law enforcement niches in between and on all sides. This essay is directed to you, because in the end, how this turmoil about gun control turns out will depend largely upon your decisions and actions over the coming months and years.

Raising the black flag and …

Okay, she says, speaking metaphorically but with steely determination, dagger between teeth. That was a nice, long break. But now it’s time to raise the black flag and commence to slitting throats.


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