Facebook Sunday…

Yesterday sounds like lots of folks went out in support of the 2nd Amendment

I supported it by supporting a small gun shop with a purchase..

So far it is defective. Has not caused any violence, murder, etc.

Another defective one if you listen to the progressive assOs manta..

Here is today’s offerings..


WOrstDemocrats 2nd Ammo AndOnce Ariizona Assualtcrowbar BanWhich Bikers BuckOfamaCarre CCW choosewisely Colorado Countonself crowds Defective Disorder FirstRevolution FirstRule GunFree GunRunning GWB HadTried HartfordCt Havetostop HomeInvader HowThatWorks Idaho ILoved Imagine Ineed Iwatch layoff Louisiana MassMurderers MayLookBack MexicosFavorite mINNESOTA Misuse MyChildren NationalDayofMourning New York NewHampshire NoJustification Obligation Oregon Pennsylvania Poll Progress Seperation SoWeWIll StPaulMn Symbol Teas Think TriggerControl Utah V WatchingMsNBC WhatCan Whatdidyoucallme When whichone WimpsCommies Wisconsin WorkHard


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