Facebook Brrrrrrruesday..

Dang is cold out there!! -8! -20 with the wind chill!!!

Schools even closing or delayed in northern part of the state!!

-20 in the place of my birth up north!!



YouSure 18674 advocacyVoice ALiberalIs AssaultFlag AssaultWepon Bacon BanDems BeerBarn Bias Change Confused Crazy Crowned Donations EvilDOesNot ExecutiveOrders FirstLie FirstThing flag FrenchArmyYouWillPay Good GreatRelief Healthy history Hollywood Iamfree IdoNotWIllNot InDistress Insurgent isbetter IsNot JaneRoe Jefferson king-putz1 kitty LargestShooting LastDays Lemmegetthis Lies LikeARcokStar MoralDuty MoralResponsibility Negligence NewCareer nics-checks1-13 Nightmare Oh Bummer Only7 only PayTheBill putcty2 RealFace Revolt SadDay SaveUs Shield Sniper Spying Today Welcome WestVirginia WhenYouSeeIt WhichPart WhiteCollar Willing WillNot Yikes



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