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Dear Neighbor,

The much-anticipated Governor’s Budget was released this week. It has already been dubbed “A Budget for a Better Wisconsin” because of its $3.7 billion in tax increases on all Minnesotans to pay for $2.7 billion in increased spending.

Even with the increased tax burdens he is asking Minnesotans to bear, the governor does not pay back the remaining school shift … a debt that is still owed to our schools from 2010. Click for a brief video of me addressing this topic in a committee meeting.

Here are a few highlights of the governor’s budget proposal:

  • $37.9 billion in state spending for FY 2014-15 (compared to $35.2 billion in FY 2012-13)
  • 7.6% increase in spending and 11.9% increase in taxes from FY 2012-13 to FY 2014-15
  • $225 million in cuts to forecasted spending increases and $3.7 billion in new taxes

The governor goes on to propose $2.1 billion…

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