National media reporting that Americans support full-scale national gun registration

We are all hearing reports in the main stream anti-gun national media that Americans support full-scale national gun registration. BunkThey are claiming that Second Amendment supporters like you support handing the name of every gun owner in America to President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder. I don’t think so.

Further they are claiming national polls show that you support giving anti-gun bureaucrats the power to strip American gun owners of their Second Amendment rights at will!

Well it is clear that they’re lying. I know it and you know it, too.

But as the national media keeps spewing the gun-control’ propaganda, issuing sham polls and whipping up anti-gun hysteria into a frenzy nationwide, I’m worried Second Amendment supporters just aren’t getting the facts.

Please forward this article to every pro-gun friend and family member you have to help me blow the lid off of ALL the gun-grabbers’ schemes.

With new bills popping up everyday like the

Feinstein Gun Ban, robbing law abiding citienzens
But in each one, the devil is in the details — and not one of them could have stopped the recent tragedy in Connecticut.

Instead, they’re all designed to “cash in” on the tragedy by RAMMING into law;

*** A so-called “Universal Background Check” National Gun Registration Scheme.

That means EVERY private transfer of a firearm will need a “background check” — even just passing a hunting rifle down to your son. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the only way to enforce this scheme is to keep records of every gun and gun owner in America.

And everyone knows what firearms registration leads to . . . Firearms confiscation!

*** Legislation “closing” the so-called “Gun Show Loophole.”

As part of their plan to make sure EVERY gun in America is tracked and traced, gun-grabbers are going after gun shows to demonize all private firearms transfers;

*** A National Mental Health Database.

This radical scheme is designed to give federal bureaucrats the power to strip law-abiding citizens of their rights without trial or a conviction by a jury of their peers.

No one wants to confront a madman with a firearm.

But already, 38 states have some form of a mental health database, and records show 100,000 veterans have been stripped of their gun rights by simply acknowledging stress upon returning from war.

And one former Surgeon General claimed that 46% of Americans will experience mental illness in their lives.

Do we really want to strip nearly half of all Americans of their gun rights?

Of course not.

But you can bet President Obama does.

So don’t be fooled.

All the gun-grabbers’ “reasonable-sounding” schemes are crafted to set the stage for their radical ultimate goal — the outright CONFISCATION of every firearm in America.

They’re more than happy to keep spreading the gun-grabbers’ lies.

Right now, we’re facing the biggest threat to our Second Amendment rights in our history.

So I believe it’s absolutely CRITICAL you understand all the facts behind the gun-grabbers’ assaults.

The USCDA with your help — will fight every one of these radical schemes.

But I need to make sure as many Second Amendment supporters as possible know the TRUTH about what President Obama and his anti-gun pals are seeking.

And if possible, I hope you’ll chip in $10,$15, or $20 to help the USCDA to stand toe-to-toe with the gun-grabbers and WIN.

Please act today.

Thank you so much for your support.

For Freedom, liberty and the American way. Pleas send a non deductable check or money order to:


Col: Ronald Adler


301 Forest Ave

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Visit Constitutional Sheriffs at:



5 thoughts on “National media reporting that Americans support full-scale national gun registration

  1. John January 27, 2013 / 9:05 pm

    Just imagine if there was a National Gun Registry? Now say you go to trade a gun to a friend or something really simple. Now the Government is holding up your request. Seems like it is taking forever. Later on you think back; I voted Republican huh! Wonder if my life style has anything to do with my gun permit? These and many other questions of Bureaucratic Malfeasance will make life miserable. No, we need to just say no to the Liberals. They only want one thing and that is our Liberty.

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