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Gun Control

A message from Donna, Evan’s mother, regarding gun control…

There is already plenty of Federal gun control. Firearms sales, transfer, and transport are regulated by the BATFE. We need greater enforcement of laws already on the books and greater availability to mental healthcare in the US. That might have helped prevent the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

When I attend church, or a mission, no one questions if I need it. It is my right to religious freedom.
No one questions, "Do I need it?" should I choose to write here on this post. I may do so because I have a right to freedom of speech. Mrs. Parks did not need to sit in the front of the bus. It was her RIGHT to sit wherever she wanted. I support the right to own guns and reject any ban. It is my Constitutional right to bear arms.

No one has the right to determine how many rounds I need. Should I be competing, I may need 1000 or more rounds. If I am plinking at the range, 50 might be enough for my old trigger finger. If there is an intruder, I need one more round than the threat.

My personal experience is that the average non-shooting, individual has little idea about firearms, other than what they see in the movies, or on television. Nor have they any idea what constitutes a "home armory, or arsenal." Is that 5,000 rounds, 500, 50? One handgun, ten? How many?

My experience has been with citizens interested in personal protection, sporting shooters, and legacy firearms collectors, those investing in firearms to pass along to the next generation, and those seeking the latest available technology. Some people collect books, jewelry, or coins. Others collect firearms.
The MSR, Modern Sporting Rifle, the most popular type of firearms in America today, is based on military technological advances. It IS for hunting purposes, and for shooting for FUN and fellowship. It is based on the AR-15 platform, and is widely misunderstood. Confusion exists because, though these rifles may cosmetically look like military rifles, they do not function the same way. Groups wanting to ban these rifles have for years, purposely or through ignorance, spread misinformation about them to aid their cause.

Additionally, the politicians all have aspirations far greater than their concern for you, the general public. They are part of the narrow elite. Currently, every US Senator is a millionaire, having little need for personal protection. Gov. Cuomo in NY couldn’t care any less about your safety. He has NY State troopers protecting him 24/7.

Call your Congressman ( and Senator ( daily. They work for you!

Donna Marie Kostreva, Sales
On Point Firearms
2421 4th St N
St. Petersburg, FL 33704


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