Gun Stuff…Home Alone..War..Bump..Ban..

Home alone, with child, 3 intruders…She had a gun…What would the anti freedom/anti life crowd have had her do? Think of England??

Mother Home Alone with 6-Year Old Child Stops Three Burglars with Pistol


This would be a really stupid proposition for the Government. Go they realize how big and diverse America is? How many in rural America can be fairly self sufficient? Know how to use guns and know how to shoot them? How many grew up ‘using’ guns? How many know the lay of their land, their countryside? If it came to push, the shove back would be significant?

What the hell is this all about?

Government prepares for war with the people, and mass media approves


Ban Chicago style working. As well as Buck Ofama’s recovery ext Bullcrap..

Chicago reaches 40 homicides in January


Poll: Two-thirds of American voters with household guns would ‘defy’ gun laws

DAILY CALLER — As anti-gun lawmakers push for a government ban of more than 150 types of firearms, a new Fox News poll shows that two-thirds of American voters who have guns in their household would “defy” any law requiring them to give up the guns… (more)


Like the author states.full retard..Feinstein probably pissed herself also…Damn it would be a shame if politicians took the time to actually research stuff and read. Oh wait…we know how well that works!!

Feinstein saw a Slidefire stock ZOMG


He jokes about Benghazi!! What the heck kind of person is he??

Obama Cracks Joke When Asked About Four Dead Americans In Benghazi



Suppressor? Expensive! ATF Tax!! Cannot afford such things…Oh wait…


Clips or magazine…Learn the difference…Here..


Killer Fawn…


3 thoughts on “Gun Stuff…Home Alone..War..Bump..Ban..”

  1. this is all complete ignorant stupidity & it is dumb asses like you that make it so hard to get anything done! your so damn stupid you use the woman who defended her home with a pistol as an excuse to not ban assualt rifles? she did not jump out of her closet with an ak 47 she had a pistol no body wants to take anybobys pistol or shotguns or rifles just the most deadly assualt weapons no body but military need those do you think the 2nd ammendment is unlimited? the right to bear arms doesnt say a damn thing about the right to the most dangerous destructive weapons you can get your hands on you ignorant puke! now as far as obama laughing about 4 adults who died in benghazi, you truly are ignorant he wasnt laughing about them he laughed at the question asked and the republicans turned this whole thing into a joke long before that interview AND what kind of hypocrite are you that you will try to make obama out as a devil because you are so offended over the death of 4 fully grown adults who knowingly made the decision to be in a dangerous place but you will defend the type of weapon used to murder 20 innocent children who were in a supposedly safe place your ignorance is deeply disturbing!!!!! people like you and the disgusting GOP are whats wrong with this country!!!

    1. I shouldn’t get into this with you. As you apparently, are hysterical enough. Your classical, intolerant, unreasonable, insulting tirade to start things off just sets the tone. Seems to be how the left reacts. Screeching etc. Surprised you did not use the ‘racist’ card also!!
      Yep I am just an ignorant Paramedic/EMS Educator who has probably helped more people in more ways then you will ever dream of.
      So go away. Don’t come back spewing your BS around here.
      And I bet you are Pro Choice and murdering babies/children that way is okay!!!

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