Facebook Thursday….

Another cold one…

16 below tonight!!


YouWant 6or5 Abandoned AllTheTime Approaching ashley_sword_5630 AtLarge Avoid BaseModels BestBet Bodies_China_Exhibition_Gun_Control Cheap Chuck college_carry_2987 ConfusedYet DontWorry elected_8240 FacistConcept FightBack Forget911 FoundingFather GotGun HuntDeer Hypocrite IsAShame IsWhy KeepPoking Lawful Leftists Logic Mediagiveup Mob MuggersCan MyFamily Needs NoDiff NoMartyr nursing_3321 NWO Obamacare old_age_9254 per100000 PoliceStab RedneckNation rope_or_lead_9495web SelfReliance SHareMeal ShowMe SincereProof SOmeChoice stop_tyrants_5685 SUchHardWorkers Team TheMonsters ThenNOw TheRoad UselessGunCotrol WagonBreaks WeAre WeChoose WHenTheyWin WHo WhyIsIt Yacht YourDeath

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