Civility?..Gun Free Chicago..Sheriffs,..Bias..Syria/Israel..

Quote of the Day: “It is a popular delusion that the government wastes vast amounts of money through inefficiency and sloth. Enormous effort and elaborate planning are required to waste this much money.” – P.J. O’Rourke


Civility? Not from the intolerant left, nor gun grabbers nor any Buck Ofama ruled sheeple…

Where’s the civility? NRA president gets death threats — for his children

NRA President David Keene says anti-gun activists have made direct threats on the lives of his son and daughter in the wake of the Sandy Hook school massacre. “Civility is only required of us, civility doesn’t count for them,” Keene told the Daily Caller.

And i find it pretty stupid that gun grabbing, haters would threaten a gun owning President of the largest gun owning organization in America.  Seems to me a lot of stupid right there.

But then the left and Buck Ofama’s thugs have been displaying lots of stupid lately..

Lets just get it on and get it over with. You bring your guns, I;ll bring mine. Since you are challenging my Rights and Freedom I pick the location. Northern Central Minnesota. Now…is only 26 below there today.

Okay assos?


Hey you sorry assOs after my guns. Why don’t you just move to Chicago? We will give it to you free of charge, you can enjoy the Utopia of gun free zones etc..Works for me.

Chicago Is Full Of Flying Bullets Because The Rest Of The Nation Has Gun Rights

Chicago Is Full Of Flying Bullets Because The Rest Of The Nation Has Gun Rights


Very restrictive gun-licensing laws, no gun stores, no tolerance of armed private citizens in public, no assault rifles, no high-capacity magazines, and no shooting ranges: Chicago is a gun hater’s utopia. It’s also the city where 44 homicides and 160 shootings were recorded in January alone. The Windy City is a portrait of the hypocrisy of gun control.

And just stay there.  It will be Gun Free Amerika for you. Leave the rest of us alone then…


Constitutional Sheriffs..

When a society allows its political leaders to pass unjust laws the people suffer. When only just laws are enforced, the people’s lives, liberty and property are respected. In a where just laws prevail the result is peace, prosperity and freedom.

In a society that embraces only just laws the court system promotes equal justice, but when unjust laws are passed and enforced injustice prevails and the Courts destroy the justice they were created to provide..When unjust laws become commonplace the government becomes the usurper of power and begins to extend special benefits and privileges to certain groups and individuals at the expense others.

Any law that violates the principles spelled out in the Constitution are unjust. The Sheriffs have been elected to protect our rights and were to be the guardians of our liberty and the defender of our Constitution. It was stated years ago that it is sometimes necessary for a patriot to defend his country from his government. The Constitution was written to control the government not to control the people.

A County Sheriff must decide whether he or she will honor their oath or be an administrative assistant to the President of the United States. The Sheriff can not serve two masters. He must take his marching orders from the people or the President.. It is up to us to elect righteous men or women to serve as our County Sheriff.

As a resident of the county, we have a right to know if our Sheriff had their fingers crossed when they promised to uphold the Constitution. We need to contact every single County Sheriff in the land and find out who they are working for.


Bias? Check!!

Viewers who tuned in to Wednesday’s The Situation Room were bombarded with over five times as much coverage of gun control advocates than of the lone gun rights advocate Newt Gingrich. Host Wolf…
Bias and Bitch Alert!!

Diane Sawyer, I can honestly say I have never willingly listened to her. She is a PR bitch for the lamestream, left wing media. Journalist? Not in the real meaning of journalist!!

Bias? Yep!

Be nice if CBS had a damn clue about what they were taling about. But that won’t happen anytime soon. Another lame stream biASSed network I ignore…

Bias? Of course..

From NBC, misleading, misreporting, lies, all they do is lie…

Another pointless station I do not watch..Well I watch very little Teevee…So little on that is worth watching…Very little..


Oh Boy..get ready..

Syria declares right to retaliate as Israeli planes fly over Lebanon

On Thursday, Syria made a formal complaint to the United Nations and declared its right to self defense after Wednesday’s Israeli strike on Syrian territory. Russia, Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, and the Arab League also condemned the attack. Syria’s ambassador to Lebanon said that Syria had “the option and the capacity to surprise in retaliation.” However, many analysts believe the Syrian military is too taxed by internal fighting to retaliate. The details of the attack are still unclear, and it is uncertain if there was one strike or two. Anonymous U.S. officials reported a warplane hit a military convoy carrying arms to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Conversely, Syria claimed the strike targeted a scientific research facility. Israel has continued to refrain from comment, which some say is strategic. Lebanon reported more Israeli warplanes have flown over southern Lebanon on Friday. Departing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in her final press interview in the position, warned that Iran has increased military and financial aid to the Syrian government and said the administration believes that Russia has continued to supply funding and military assistance. For the first time, Russian and U.S. officials along with U.N. and Arab League envoy Lakhdar Brahimi are all set to meet together with opposition Syrian National Coalition officials on the sidelines of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Munich on Saturday. However, Russia has not yet confirmed the meeting.


On Chopping Block: A Popular Small Game Rifle

RugerMini14Prepared people know that a .22 rifle is ideal for hunting small game, predator control, keeping large rodents in check and other practical purposes.So why is a popular .22 being considered for special regulations under the latest incarnation of the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban?” Click here to read more.


We want our Freedom back! What happens when you give it away!!

Don’t give them up!!


Embassy Attacked..

Bet it was a bomb free zone and those serving and protecting were ….. unarmed!!

MBWITW says they should pass laws to outlaw bombs..



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