Facebook Friday…


No big deal as I work tomorrow….

Only down to 8 below zero this morning..(we won’t mention the windchill of 25 below, might scare folks away!)


WorkHarder Abiglie ALlTheTime AmericanWay BB4e_8cCUAAaWf4 Chart-21-470x240 Coffee Comparre Dad DicHeadObama EnemyNo1 ethanol-470x352 Explainit Facts Federal-Assault-Weapons-Ban-470x300 government-470x335 greenjobs HowUsed Immigration Jerk LawAbiding LetsKeep Makesmesick MayorsAgainst MoreFacts Noah NoComply obamacarecosts-470x344 ObamaDisgrace obama-fiddles-while-libya-burns OnlyReason OtherSide Patriot prohibition-470x397 Racist Really ReallyNot Senators SocialSecurity-2-470x293 thanks ThinkTwice Today Tool US-drugs-prison-population-graph-470x371 warning Why WhyDoes


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