Via email..From a follower of this silly blog..

To all,
It was brought to my attention, thank you Ken, that there is no recoil in the photo showing our illustrious leader pulling the trigger on a shotgun. I’m amazed that he somehow escaped one of the basic laws of physics. It has something to do with “equal and opposite reactions”…

Enclosed is a non-photoshopped photo I took showing what happens when firearms have their triggers pulled. In this time exposure of about 2 seconds, note the distance he is moved backwards.
BO is just not moving backwards…amazing.

Another thing………….who goes skeet shooting next to a paved road?????????????


3 thoughts on “Recoil..Where??”

  1. low powered round like winchester makes (or blanks), a high shutter speed, and I know plenty of skeet ranges that have paved roads.

    the subject of if obama actually has ever shot skeet “all the time” is moot. who cares if he does or not? if he does, it makes him another Fudd instead of a hoplophobe. the effect is the same.

      1. exactly. WGAF. we need to get off of the red herrings they keep throwing at us. did he/didn’t he fire that shotgun? does he really shoot skeet all the time?

        WHO CARES? it doesn’t matter!

        but hey, let’s throw out pictures in low light, with a long shutter speed, and say that it “proves” he didn’t actually shoot the shotgun! and no one EVER shoots near a paved road!

        let’s spin our wheels on this stupid shit, instead of “WGAF and move on”.

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