Stuff..FBI..Buck Ofama..Gun Free..Ammo..Push Back..Locally..

Iceland boots the FBI..Guess we are not so omnipotent anymore with Buck Ofama the Impotent one in charge..


A letter to Buck Ofama over his ‘knee jerk’? I think not. He wants our guns. What better way then to ….. Just saying..


It all failed, gun free zone – Fail, metal detector – Fail, One good guy with a gun – WIN!!! Now lets see the assOs we elected screw this up!!! Or the lame stream efftarded medai spin Buck Ofama’s favor..


So the thug filled felons calling themselves Mayors Against Freedom Guns..Want to take out ammo from the equation. Good luck with that…How much do you find on the shelves these days? Not much. Where is it? We have it already you dumb asses!!


Truth. The media, especially NBC manipulates and edits video. They lie and spread misinformation. Is why I trust very little I see on the TeeVee these days. As for the internet? Well a person should do a little looking about sometimes..


Hmmmm this tells me all I want to know about this group…BiASSed and RACIST! (Dammit card can be played both ways!!)


Push, push, push..Is all Buck Ofama’s Thugocracy does anymore. Our way or else they say..Well you can only push a Free people so far and it looks every day like the time to shove back is NOW!!!


Voting Female@VotingFemale

Ask the disarmed 6,000,000 state-murdered Jews how Hitler‘s #guncontrol laws worked out for them #NRA#TGDN#tcot#rap#p2#gunrights


Hopeless Change: Buck Ofamacare causes layoffs...Gee shocked faces all over I bet!!


Money, guns and ammo? YES!! More lawyers??Hell no!! Look what they have done to Washington!!


SHOCKER!! Another ATF Scandal!?? But Buck Ofama is scandalous scandal free!!!! Of course and organization be it business, governmental or whatever reflects it leadership…Just look at Washington!! The White House!! The State Department!! The ATF!! Oh..Wait..those are all somewhat akin to saying the United Nations is a worthwhile organization!! NOT!!


Arizona thumbs its nose at the Feds..Not sure what good this does but…f all states would do this (yeah like Minnesota would! NOT!!) maybe we would get somewhere..


We gots a new airplane!! Says the bad boys in Iran!!

Yeah sure..More wishful thinking from Iran? Lets see pictures!


The Local Gunfight…

The real gun grab is coming by stealth. President Barack Obama’s (Fascist-Who knows where?) bank, Bank of America has frozen the accounts of two gun manufacturers. Another gun manufacturer has had his liability insurance, held by GEICO, cancelled because his vehicle “does not meet our underwriting guidelines because it is used in conjunction with a company that deals in the weapons industry.” GEICO, of course, is owned by Obama’s BFF, Warren Buffett.

On the State level, gun rights are being snatched overtly and covertly. New York just rammed through a comprehensive gun ban that will allow weapons to be confiscated once the original owner dies. It will also institute a database of gun owners and require re-registration every five years.


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