Stuff..If I have Seemed..Hillary..Smokin’ Joe..Sylvester..Fraud?..Change..

If I have seemed a bit pissed off lately…I am…A lot…and getting more so. And I do believe I becoming annoying to my duly (haha) elected National and State Politicritters. Soon to my local..Yeah I am perturbed…Buck Ofama!! You are effing with my Freedoms and I have had enough!


Most powerful woman in America?

I have a gun, therein lies my power bitch..


Gun bans won’t stop gun violence .. So says Joe Biden…He finally says something worthwhile!!!


Another Celeb whim has made a fortune off of violent, gun filled, shoot em up movies…Speaks out..against guns...Damn not only are they losing viewers, can honestly say he is not one I made a point of seeing his moves…But they are biting the hand that fed them!!


What fraud? Where? Buck Ofama won so there was no fraud!!


Hopeless Change with Buck Ofama shrinking the private sector…Lots of shrinkage..



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