Facebook Tuesday…

Is Tuesday and gas prices keep climbing…

But whats the difference?

Economy sucks, job market sucks, Obamacare sucks..

We have Benghazi, Fast and furious and a president Buck Ofama whom does not care..

Except for disarming us!! Becasue protecting the children is so important!!

Disarming the taxpayers and citizens will make?? What will be the difference again?

Other then compliance will be mandatory or we will be outlaws..

I choose to be the latter..

Molon Labe…


Yeah 300 AmericaNeeds Banana BaryFudd Bible Daytonbudget Defy Difference Facts Fallacy GunProblem History Hobbies HowCan HowIFel Irritate Ishoot liberal-logic-101-321 Lifestyle LightsOn Logic MolonLabe need NoBrain Nutrition OnlyPolice Options Paradigm Path Peacemaker Progrssives RapeKit RememberWhen Response Rule6 SayWHat Sheriff Snipers SOKillingMe Stupid v Where



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