Benghazi. Racist Reverands. NDAA. Ofama Doll.

Former Special Forces Commander: DOD Could Have Flown Rescue Team From Tripoli to Benghazi; DOD: State Dept. Decided Whether and What to Fly

Panetta: ‘Time, Distance, the Lack of Adequate Warning’ Prevented ‘Immediate Response’ in Benghazi

Apparently somebody is full of shit…Any bets..


Panetta: ‘This Is No Way to Govern the United States of America’

This dude is stepping out..


Rev. Jackson: Some ‘Anti-American People’ Arming Themselves in U.S. Have ‘Confederate Ideology’

Jackson with racists like you and Al Sharpton and Buck Ofama causing all the divisiveness and playing the hate/race card all the time what the hell do you expect??


The bill states, in part: “A person who violates the provisions of this section may also be prosecuted for, convicted of, and punished for kidnapping or aggravated kidnapping, K.S.A. 2012 Supp. 21-5408, and amendments thereto.”

Violators of this bill could be subject to the following criminal penalties, if convicted of kidnapping:

Kidnapping is a severity level 3 felony with a potential of 8 years in prison. Aggravated kidnapping is a severity level l felony with a prison sentence of over 20 years being possible. Both of these felonies are subject to a fine “to not exceed $300,000″. The exact imprisonment time is determined by a variety of variables and guided by a complex grid and attorneys.


A Connecticut Company at that!!

Company Takes A Shot At Obama With ‘Skeeter’ Doll


Sheriffs speak out..


Gun Control Is For Our Own Good! … J. D. Longstreet

Ma feller ‘Mare-cuns.  Ain’t yew just plum tickled them gud ole boys and gals in Kongrus knows we’s dumm as fence posts and ain’t got no need fer guns, ’cause we likely to far that thang an shoot sumbuddy or oursef.  Ain’t ya just tickled they’s lookin over us like ‘at?

Well, sum of us ain’t.  Nosiree, Bob!  I mean, look cuz,  ain’t y’all tard of bein called dumm and stewpid?  Ain’t yew tard of ’em, I mean them E-Leetes in Warshintun,  makin out we’s all so terribul dumm they hafta watch over us all the blessed time.


One wonders how the anti gun crowd can so blatantly ignore these demonstrations..

1000′s Protest Maryland’s SB281 Gun Control Legislation, Shutting Down Capital Building

One wonders what is going on that those in power seem to be so willfully ignoring the People..



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