Facebook Thursday..

Whatta week…Long commute times due to lovely wintery weather, stupid people in cars and accidents…

Maybe banning cars would be the thing to do as it is apparent they cause folks to do all sorts of dumb things..Like guns cars are evil…


Wontget 53percent AboutPower Against ANotherGalaxy As-You-Liked-It CanYouSpot Capacity ComingForWhat compensating6356 condoms-and-guns conservative_vs_liberal_dream foodstamps-vs-payrolls GunNoGun Hank HeyPisshead Idiot IfObama IfYou Impeach Liar LivetheDream morsi-f16 Notaserf NotBeAfraid Notworth ObamaDrone OneDay OutOfWOrk peacekeeper PickOne PolicePower Pro@nd RonaldReaganGunControlPoster SameShit SOmedays StopStop StopTelling the-welfare-state-obama-2012-election-economy-politics-13444680921 WIllis


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