David Bly’s Reaction to the Assault on Guns.

Gun control hearings draw crowds at Legislature.

Mr Bly’s comment that:

“I’m hearing from people all over the state,” Bly said. “My sense is that I’m hearing from a substantial number of people who want something to be done. Many are troubled by the impact of people being able to purchase guns that can kill so many.”

Is probably not the complete truth. I am willing to bet he has had as many emails from the Pro Gun Rights crowd as he has from the anti Freedom crowd. I am also willing to bet he has no damn clue what the difference is between an ‘assault’ rifle and what I as a civilian can purchase.

Once again a politician playing to emotions and rhetoric rather then facts and truth..

Fact! Assault weapons are strictly controlled and cannot be purchased unless one goes through an arduous process of licensing and fees.

But again facts get in the way of what they really want and that is control. Complete control. Can’t have that it we be owning those guns!!!

Truth! A gun of any type never ‘assaulted’ anyone. Only people and governments do that (See Buck Ofama’s drone strikes!)

But once again that damn truth can be so unreasonable when it gets in the way!!!


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