Well Thats Not How…

The day was supposed to go..

Was supposed go to the Republican County Convention..For which I am a Delegate and precinct chair in my ward..

I did.

Then was going to pick some groceries up and head home..

Folks were coming over this afternoon to pick some items up I had for them..

Not how it turned out..

Made it to convention. Got through the voting and electing new officers.

Went through the proposed changes in the BPOU constitution..

In the process of electing delegates to the State central committee when my phone rang, ignored it..Immediately rang again, was the MBWITW calling so I stepped aside and answered it..

MBWITW told me Dad was in the ER having difficulties..

I left, rocketed(in my 2001 Toyota Echo!) down I35 to town my folks live in and promptly to the hospital..Into the ED to find Dad sitting up with legs dangling looking a little peaked..His CHF has been worsening to the point he finally went to urgent care (takes a lot to get him to do such) they promptly sent him to ER.

I went into medic mode asking questions and discreetly staring at monitors and asking questions.

When done it appeared his CHF was worsening and had been for a couple of weeks to the point he finally decided to be seen. Crackles in the lungs, swelling of lower extremities etc.

Plus complaining of pressure in the center of his chest…This bought him a night in the hospital and some diuretics..He did not even argue. Which told me he felt pretty crappy…

So got him settled, fetched Mom..he did not want her there initially as she ‘asks to many questions!’ So she called my MBWITW knowing I would be there as quick as I could!

He was resting comfortably, a little sallow looking and had a touch of duskiness around his lips, but resting comfortably. I took his van home for him, called Sis #2 and #3 (#1 is passed on) told them and of course Sis #3 whom lives in Massachusetts got a bit upset…Calmed her down talked to her Nurse Practitioner husband and explained things to him.

Finally got home and just now sat down..Called Mom and she was home and Dad was doing okay, just peeing a lot…which is a good thing..

Geesshh. Parents..




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