Zombies. Ofama. Soros. Phone Where?

What happens when the free money stops flowing..

What will the entitlement crowd do?

Listen to Bill Whittle..Lots of sense here…Scary sense..


God’s Deputy Won’t Talk With Obama! … J. D. Longstreet


George Soros: China Will Be The New World Revered Currency


And it starts ringing…Explain that one!!! Heck how you going to answer it??

Prisoner hides cell phone in butt


Obama Watches as Conservative Dismantles His Record

The President of the United States stares intently at the man at the podium, who is steadily, politely, and with the utmost class, dismantling every policy and everything he has stood for in his socialist political career. I would … READ MORE


Pisshead Morgan schooled again..


Exercising Freedom the 2nd Amendment..

At the Capital..So far no guns appear to have attacked anyone..



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