It ain’t easy being green.
But the rewards can be many.

260px-Ali-BabaMuch of the information for this report was provided by one of my confidential informants on Middle Eastern affairs, Sheik Mohamed ali-Baba. In the interest of full disclosure, the Sheik on October 16th announced the al Qaeda endorsement of President Obama for reelection

as necessary for the survival of the United States under Islam. According to the Sheik, he is the only candidate who understands the beautiful truths of Islam and hence of al Qaeda.

That endorsement doubtless played a major role in President Obama’s overwhelming victory.

* * * * * *

The vast right wing media conspiracy has expressed much pleasure mingled with anger over what it wrongly claims was President Obama’s decision to go to bed rather than deal with “the Ben Ghazi Disaster” on September 11th of last year. Finally, the truth can be…

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