Best Get Busy..

Number 2 Son graduates this June and then off to college..

I have ‘stuff’ to do..

Install two rooms with hardwood floors.
Build shed.
Put a ton of mulch down…
Build the raised garden setup.
Put another ton of mulch down.

As soon as global warming starts(called ‘spring’ time) around here.

Fortunately we did a bulk of projects when number 1 son graduated two years ago.

But still…The MBWITW is beginning to plan..And her list will be long..

Looks like a busy spring..

Oh and a bathroom to remodel..



One thought on “Best Get Busy..”

  1. Free living? Don’t know what that is! Do you? I see…from L.A. are you? Must be, subject of moonbats, socialists and assO’s called celebrities..Living off the dole and enjoying the free life are you?

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