Forward This Letter to Your County Sheriff

Please copy this letter and email it to your County Sheriff. We need to know if he will honor his oath or if he will take his marching orders from the Federal government.

Dear Sheriff,

The Constitutional County Sheriff’s Association is in the process of publishing a list of the Constitutional County Sheriffs in your state.A Constitutional Sheriff takes his oath seriously and refuses to enforce laws that violate the Constitution.

Every Sheriff is required by law to take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. This is not just a suggestion, it is the duty of the Sheriff to enforce just laws and refuse to enforce laws that are not.

Many in the law enforcement community think that the Supreme Court is responsible to decide what is, and what is not Constitutional. This statement is absolutely false. The Constitution does not authorize the Supreme Court to interpret the Constitution. The principle of Judicial Review is an implied power that grants to the Supreme Court the authority to tell the County Sheriff what he can and what he can not do.

How can a County Sheriff honor his oath, if his actions if he needs to obtain permission from the Supreme Court. The ultimate arbiter of the meaning of the Constitution is "We the People" and the duly elected County Sheriff is elected by the people to represent the will of his constituents.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When too much power is vested in the hands of nine lawyers, corruption is bound to follow. As for me, I believe the people would be better served by the 3,000 County Sheriffs than by a panel of nine lawyers in black robes.

In our current system the Supreme Court is accountable to no one. They sit in their ivory tower and make decisions that destroy the Constitution that they have sworn to defend. The County Sheriff, on the other hand is accountable to his constituents every four years.

As a County Sheriff you can serve only one master. Are you going to keep your oath and serve the people, or are you going to be the enforcer of unjust Federal rules, regulations, codes, ordinances and statutes?

I want to know if you plan to be a servant of the people or an administrative lap dog for the Federal agencies and bureaucrats ?

If you would like to have your name, photo and brief biography published on our website please call me at (951) 282-3271


Keith Broaders

Visit Constitutional Sheriff’s Association at:


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