Gun Appreciation Day was a Success. This can be bigger!




Join the Day of Resistance


Gun Appreciation Day was a Success. This can be bigger!

Saturday, February 23 – Day of Resistence

Despite the liberal media’s efforts to scorn us, Gun Appreciation Day was a great success. Hundreds of thousands of Americans just like you came together to loudly tell Barack Obama and his cronies that our right to keep and bear arms is non-negotiable.

In the words of Charlton Heston, if they want to take our guns,

“they can pry them from our cold, dead hands.”

Looks like they didn’t get the message.

So, on Saturday 2/23, we are holding a ‘Day of Resistance’, joining hundreds of thousands of likeminded Americans, like we did on Gun Appreciation Day, to protest President Obama’s abuse of executive power and his disdain for our liberty.

Join the Day of Resistance


The President and his media lapdogs think that they’ve weathered the public backlash against gun control, trying again and again to paint their schemes to violate our basic constitutional rights as “reasonable” and “common sense.”

The President has already moved forward with his 23 executive actions, using all his existing resources to restrict who can buy a gun. Now he’s taken to the campaign trail, trying to marshal together his liberal political machine to paint law-abiding, patriotic Americans who want their right to self-defense as unhinged or radical.

Liberals in Congress like Diane Feinstein want to pretend that gun owners and advocates of the Second Amendment are a fringe group. They want to paint the success of Gun Appreciation Day as a one-time affair that they can ultimately ignore on their quest to restrict gun ownership.

They need another first-hand example of just how wrong they are.

Join the Day of Resistance


We already know that they’re going to try the same old dirty media tricks as before, using their allies in the liberal press to marginalize and downplay the impact of 2/23. That’s why we have to make the Day of Resistance an event they can’t ignore.

It’s time to once again step up and make sure that Obama and the anti-rights Democrats know that they can’t infringe on our freedoms. We at Defend Gun Rights are throwing all of our resources behind the Day of Resistance, another spur-of-the-moment rally to declare that no one from the federal government can stop us from using our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families.

We’re dedicated to a serious marketing effort to promote and help coordinate the Day of Resistance. But to generate the massive show of strength that we need to fight back against the gun control crowd, we need your support.

This is going to be the fight of our lifetimes for gun rights. And, since the Second Amendment upholds all the rest of our rights, this is going to set the course for the future of America on a large scale. What happens over the next year will very likely determine if our children and grandchildren will enjoy the same freedoms and liberty we do, or if they will live in a future of government control, stagnation, and dependence.

Please join us in putting whatever resources you can on the front line of this battle. If you can give financially, even $5 or $10 will let us reach hundreds more – and $1000 would put our message in front of tens of thousands of like-minded patriots for this cause.

We spent every dollar we raised to make Gun Appreciation Day a reality, but we can’t let that slow us down. The next few days leading up to 2/23 are critical to the success of the rally. And we know that you, like us, have put your time and resources on the line again and again against the onslaught from the left. But we can’t allow them to wear us down and beat us with attrition.

If you simply cannot afford any level of support at this time, we understand. But please forward this email to your family, friends, neighbors, and social media groups so you will still make a major difference.

Join the Day of Resistance


The most powerful forces in Washington and the media are aligned against your basic constitutional rights, first and foremost, your gun rights. Join us at the Day of Resistence rally and please support our efforts today.

Larry Ward

Founder, Gun Appreciation Day
209 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Suite 2109
Washington, DC 20003

P.S. We can still beat back the tide of those who want to take our guns, and limit our rights. But it’s going to take every one of us banding together to match the strength of the Obama political machine. We the People can be victorious. Will you join us?


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