Nullify! BullGod. Scam.

3 State Houses vote to Nullify Federal Gun “Laws

Alaska House Passes 2nd Amendment Preservation 31-5

Montana House, We will Not Comply! – 56-42

Kentucky Senate Votes to Nullify. 34-3

Track all nullification legislation here:


Kid Rock


Jail time for climate scamsters!!

Agreed…Especially ManBearPig Al ‘Gorebul Warmening’ Gore!!


Guns and Double Standards

For the moment, we can put to one side the monumental presumptuousness involved in third parties instructing the citizens of a free society as to what they do and do not need.  It is more important that we grasp what this little lesson entails.

When the Second Amendment deniers talk about “needs” with respect of guns, what they imply is that guns have a unique purpose: guns kill.  Since, say, no one “needs” a so-called “assault rifle” for hunting, it is commonly argued, no one “needs” an assault rifle, for the only purpose of such a weapon is to slaughter.



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