Obama Is Scheming To Impose Wide-Scale Weapons Bans & Gun Confiscation

Administration Knows Gun Control Won’t Work To Reduce Gun Violence

Obama Is Scheming To Impose
Wide-Scale Weapons Bans & Gun Confiscation

We’ve been warning that President Obama’s 23 “executive actions” limiting gun rights was just the camel’s nose under the tent, a seemingly harmless foot in the door that is actually a ruse to divert attention from Obama’s true agenda and conceal his well-formulated strategy to DISARM AMERICA.

We were right, and the Department of Justice as much as admits it in another secret, smoking-gun memorandum leaked last week. The memo concedes that gun control will not work to reduce gun violence, indeed will probably make matters worse, and suggests instead a strategy for disarming America when gun control fails. The secret, nine-page DOJ memo reveals in some detail how the president intends to use the preordained failure of gun control to pave the way toward wide-scale weapons bans and gun confiscation.

Don’t Let Obama Disarm America

Demand Congress Stop Obama’s Assault On The Second Amendment

The President’s executive actions and the legislation he is backing—such as Senator Dianne Feinstein’s so-called “assault weapons” ban and the New York gun-control template being implemented in the Empire State by Governor Andrew Cuomo—are just the stage-one set up. These stage-one gun-control efforts, as the DOJ memo makes clear, are fully anticipated to fail, and that failure will provide the catalyst for stage two: Outlawing guns and confiscating them.

The memo lays the predicate for disarming America when it explains:

  • Requiring background checks for more gun purchases could lead to more illicit weapons sales; but
  • Convictions, mental health issues, and restraining orders can develop after the background checks.
  • Banning assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines produced in the future but exempting those already owned by the public, as Obama has proposed, would have limited impact because people now own so many of those items; and
  • Even total elimination of so-called “assault weapons” would not have a large impact on gun homicides, since assault weapons account for such a limited proportion of gun crimes (an average of 35 out of 11,000 annual gun homicides); however
  • Gun registration and continuous checks for gun-possession eligibility and recovering guns from those that become ineligible for gun ownership will likely be effective; but
  • The challenge is that most states do not have a firearms registry.

The implications of this memorandum are so obvious one doesn’t even have to read between the lines to comprehend that disarming America is the Obama Administration’s ultimate objective. And, here’s how they intend to do it.

The key to the strategy is to create a national gun registry coupled with a sweeping set of new rules and regulations, taxes and fees, requirements and limitations surrounding gun ownership, all so onerous that virtually every gun owner inevitably will find himself or herself “out of compliance” and subject to having their guns confiscated.

This devious strategy already has been set in motion, and it was presaged in the letters sent out to veterans by the Department of Veterans Affairs in recent weeks. These letters are a follow-up to the president’s expressed desire to force everyone through psychiatric screening as a pre-condition of being allowed to own a gun, using veterans as a trial run. That letter says, in part:

“A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”

Don’t Let Obama Disarm America

Demand Congress Stop Obama’s Assault On The Second Amendment

So you see, the strategy is first to turn everyone into a “lawbreaker,” which then can be used as the pretext for confiscating their guns. Presto, Second Amendment erased.

The Father of the Bill of Rights, George Mason, predicted in 1788 that the government would someday attempt to disarm the citizenry unless there was a strong constitutional amendment barring government from doing ANYTHING to abridge the right of people to keep and bear arms, as the Second Amendment was intended to do. Mason said:

“When the resolution of enslaving America was formed in Great Britain, the British Parliament was advised by an artful man, who was governor of Pennsylvania, to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them; but that they should not do it openly, but weaken them, and let them sink gradually.”

Letting America “sink gradually” into a state of total disarmament is precisely what this president and many in this Congress on both sides of the aisle intend to do with their so-called “gun safety” laws. It’s another Washington scam, and this time the scam is to circumvent the Second Amendment by first turning you into a “lawbreaker,” which will make you “ineligible” to own and weapon, and then, under the color of law, the government will disarm you.

Don’t Let Obama Disarm America

Demand Congress Stop Obama’s Assault On The Second Amendment

The DOJ memo, written under the name of Greg Ridgeway, acting director of the National Institute of Justice and one of DOJ’s leading crime researchers, makes it apparent that the Obama Administration knows full well its executive actions and legislative proposals are destined. Of course they will fail; THEY ARE DESIGNED TO FAIL, and to fail in a way designed to lead directly and inevitably to wide-scale gun bans and gun confiscation!

There you have it. Obama is playing a devious strategy to disarm America. First he intends to label as many people as possible “mentally unfit” to own a gun. Second, he intends to turn everyone else into a lawbreaker by putting so many onerous gun laws in place that virtually everyone will become “non-compliant.” Then using “non-compliance” with the law as an excuse, he will confiscate guns on the pretext that “lawbreakers are not permitted to own a gun.” It’s the devil’s own logic.


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