Vacations! Guns! Remora. Learn it! Stop Gorebull Warmening! Unaffordable! Chicago! Gun Grab! Millionaires.

Of course he won’t Royalty or those whom think they are Royalty do not like to give up a good thing!!

White House Won’t Promise That The Buck Ofamas Will Cut Back on ‘Lavish Vacations’

SOB should be made to pay back every damn cent!!

And then go to jail…


Texas Open Carry and a history Lesson for Brady

But now in extremely liberal Northfield….guns are a non issue..

Which brings us back to Minnesota.

On September 7, 1876, Jesse and Frank James, Cole, Jim and Bob Younger, and three others didn’t “leave their guns at the edge of town,” law or no law, when they entered Northfield, Minnesota.

They where there to rob the bank

Fortunately, the townspeople didn’t leave their guns at the edge of town either.

The gang met a hail of gunfire from the merchants and townsfolk when they exited the bank with their loot.

Two outlaws were killed, the other six were wounded, and all they got according to Wikipedia was “several bags of nickels.”

Two townsmen were killed and one was wounded. They were unarmed.

Northfield residents were so proud of what they had done that they still stage reenactments every year..


Found this on Remora Mag Holders.

I have been using a Remora holster for a couple years..I like it a lot, both as a IWB and Pocket Holster. The mag holder not so keen about. My spare mag like s to leave rounds in it…They just seem to pop out especially when I use it IWB. As a ‘pocket’ holder works okay but still leaves rounds behind..


Learn your Rights..

Hillsdale’s ‘American Heritage’ Online Course: Enlightenment and Natural Rights


Yeah this will work!!

“Obama Halts Global Warming by Executive Order”


The unaffordable Care Act..Is what it is!!

Insurance companies expect health insurance premiums to rise 20% to 100% once the UnAffordable Care Act is implemented next year. Department of Health and Human Services responds that it is misleading to look at the one provision of the UnAffordable Care Act because “taken together, the law will reduce costs.” Well, gee, that broad unsubstantiated assertion sure convinced me.


How can this happen in Chicago? They have the gun laws and such!!

Teen accidentally shoots self in groin, blames ‘ninjas’


Fight Shaping up in Minnesota

You know it..Emails fired off this morning..To committee members and others…


And you wonder why they want to control us and hold onto the ‘jobs’ we elected them to? And saying term limits sends them into panic attacks?

The percentage of millionaires in Congress is more than 50 times higher than the percentage of millionaires in the general population.


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