Ooops! Watching You! Ban! Lies? Sad! Tyranny! Death Threats! Non Lethal! Harry Reid!

We know how the anti gun creeps always like to scream the Police are trained to use the guns and should be the only ones allowed to have them…

Yeah…And when it is a ..

Kern, a Carroll County resident who had worked at the city training academy for more than a decade,

Baltimore officer indicted in police academy training shooting


Drones and whatnot, now the FeebleBI wants to have more powers to snoop on you!!

FBI Wants Broad Power to Monitor Communications as They Happen


And to be so intrusive and obtrusive they cannot allow us to be armed.

The Biggest Gun and Magazine Ban in American History

Misinformation? Outright lies?(there are politicians involved!) What?
Markie Dayton pushed hard for this…to help his benefactors the ‘Unions’ of Minnesota out..

Lawmaker calls for probe into e-pulltab numbers



The Syrian boy soldier with a thousand-yard stare: The sad image of child aged SEVEN

Or how to make normal law abiding folks into criminals…Is how they roll..
Well if they can ‘fire’ Sheriffs whom are ‘elected’ by the People…How about the same for those Politicians whom ignore the Constitution and violate the People’s Right?

New legislation would fire sheriffs who disobey federal gun restrictions


Killing seems to be natural for Pro Murder folks…Tolerance? They have none!!

North Dakota governor gets death threats after signing new pro-life laws



Latest Non-Lethal Weapons Arsenal … That Can Kill


One thinks Harry Reid needs to be removed from office and retired to whatever State elected the fool!!

Harry Reid’s New Gun Control Bill Is Designed To Destroy Gun Ownership

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