Remove Who? Solidarity? Shame! Refuse! Bearing! Schooled! Murder Coverup!

“The steady character of our countrymen is a rock to which we may safely moor; and notwithstanding the efforts of the papers to disseminate early discontents, I expect that a just, dispassionate and steady conduct, will at length rally to a proper system the great body of our country. Unequivocal in principle, reasonable in manner, we shall be able I hope to do a great deal of good to the cause of freedom & harmony.”

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Elbridge Gerry, 1801

How about we propose legislation to remove politicians from office whom refuse to support the Constitution and go against the Rights of the People?

Holy shit! How stupid are some of these Dhimmicraps?

After we remove them we deport them, since failure to honor the Constitution is unAmerican and ship them off to Cuba, N. Korea or some such place?

Texas Democrat Proposes Legislation That Would Remove Sheriffs Who Refuse to Enforce Gun Control Laws From Office

And this is going to prove what? If your really a dumbassed LIEberal it will maybe excite you, for whatever reason. But it is just BULLSHIT from Buck Ofama playing games with Americans..

Solidarity..I hate that collectivism commie term!!!!

Claim: Obama to Give Back 5% of Salary in ‘Solidarity’ with Sequester Victims

Bullshit, lies, manipulation, accusations and that damn bus to throw people under is how Buck Ofama does business!!

Buck Ofama is using outdated data to push background checks on gun sales


Two More States Shame Themselves With New Gun Laws

By I. M. Citizen on Apr 03, 2013 11:38 am

Inside a week, treasonous elements within both the Connecticut and Maryland state legislatures have announced agreements to enact anti-American and unconstitutional gun control laws. In Connecticut, law breakers–pardon me, law makers announced universal background checks and an expansion of the state’s assault weapons ban. The idea is that the longer the list of banned weapons …

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Lying, corrupt corporations and they bought and paid for lap dog Politicians, Making money and screwing Americans…

Remember when Buck Ofama stated he would drive our energy costs up?


This covers it!!

Jay Leno: Not Using Illegal Immigrant? How Bout’ “Undocumented Democrat?”

Students Refuse To Be Victims

Locals Bearing Arms
While the push for gun-control legislation at the federal and state levels is in full swing, cities and towns are going the opposite way …

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This cannot be posted enough!!!

15 Year Old Slams Maryland Gun-Grabbers
Fifteen year old girl slams Marylandís gun-grabbing legislature and proves that gun-control legislation only aids criminals and makes people less safe.

Watch the Video…

Media Covers up Democrat-Backed Planned Parenthood’s Support for Infanticide

For almost as long as there have been two parties, there have been accusations of mainstream media bias. Conservatives know it’s real. Liberals insist it’s imagined. Bias is evident not only in how events are covered but also in what is covered—and more importantly what is not covered.

Consider two events from last week. First, in North Dakota the governor signed into law bills that would ban abortions when a fetal heartbeat is present and when the procedure is sought solely because of the baby’s genetics. The media, including most major outlets, went into a frenzy to stir up controversy, often casting pro-life conservatives in a negative light.

Then later in the week in Florida, lawmakers held a hearing about a bill to protect the lives of babies born during an attempted abortion procedure. The bill requires the abortionist to provide medical care to the newborn. It might seem obvious that a newborn should be cared for—but not to Planned Parenthood.

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One can hope…For the ACLU to do something right for once!!

The ACLU has a surprise for Harry Reid

 — Even the liberal-leaning organization doesn’t support his gun bill. TheDC’s Vince Coglianese reports:

“As Senate Democrats struggle to build support for new gun control legislation, the American Civil Liberties Union now says it’s among those who have ‘serious concerns’ about the bill. Those concerns have the capacity to prove a major setback to Sen. Harry Reid’s current gun bill, which includes language from earlier bills introduced by Sens. Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, a top lobbyist for the ACLU announced that the group thinks Reid’s current gun bill could threaten both privacy rights and civil liberties. … ’However, we also believe those checks have to be conducted in a way that protects privacy and civil liberties. So, in that regard, we think the current legislation, the current proposal on universal background checks raises two significant concerns,’ he went on.”

When you’re Harry Reid and you’ve lost the ACLU, it’s time to just kill your bill.

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