Holder. Atheists! Scared! Spine. Empty! Benghazi!

Threats from a Gun runner….

Eric Holder Threatens Kansas in Letter on Gun Control Nullification Law

End the Feds reign of terror!!! Nullify the Fed!!


If atheists believe there is no ‘Higher Being’ then why do they waste so much energy attacking those that do? I tend to ignore most, unless they attack me….Then? Eff em! Atheists are all hell bound anyhow..

Atheist accuses Christians of treason over beliefs


Scared Lefty writers of Bull Shit…Cannot for myself to say ‘journalists’, that is something they are not!!

Liberal Columnist Whines About Scary Republicans Envisioning Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Posthumously Reminds Him Not To Wet His Pants.


Spine? The current GOP has none and the Left never has had one.

Rush Limbaugh and the Need for Spine

The Politico is reporting (read: let’s wait for a second source to confirm it) that the RNC, well, “[t]he Republican National Committee has chosen a Karl Rove-linked voter data project called Liberty Works to help it compete with Democrats in the digital arena. Liberty Works will team up with Data Trust, whose chairman of the board is former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski confirmed to Politico.”

This is deeply troubling, if accurate, because I maintain the GOP must distance itself from the Bush administration players to start being successful again. Further, for all of Karl Rove’s fine attributes, he is also largely a direct mail guy who learned at the foot of Lee Atwater and never really learned anything after Atwater passed. I’m just not sure, after the 2012 race, that this is a wise investment. Direct mail guys believe the data is the value and what Team Obama discovered is that the tools to analyze the data are the value.

This concerns me. As a friend said on twitter yesterday, the GOP motto for fixing itself seems to be “incest is best.”

And this whole thing, excepting the incest crack, gets me to Rush Limbaugh.

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Leadership? There is none! Solving problems and offering reasonable, workable solutions? Not with Obama’s Administration! Or lack there of!!

President Obama May Have Won, But The Chair is Still Empty

President Obama lacks a positive vision for his second term and the political will or ability to push his agenda. Leadership is solving problems.


May Day….So peaceful the leftist union loving collectivists are!!….Or not!

SWAT Teams Clash With Seattle May Day Protestors, Damage To Business Is Heavy

Seattle May Day protestors got rowdy and out of hand resulting in several arrests made by the Seattle Police Department.

Seattle May Day Protests Turn Violent

Seattle May Day protests took place today, and it seems like the day started out well. But apparently, that wouldn’t last long.


And the assos led by Buck Ofama are hoping we forget??

Carney On Benghazi Attack: “Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago”

The Benghazi attack is old news. At least to the administration it is. They can’t be bothered answering questions about intimidating whistleblowers.



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