Veto! Fear! Targets! Best! Contemp! Give Up! Vacation! Snooping Exceptions..

Not what the anti-freedom crowd wanted!!

Nevada: Governor Vetoes New York-Style Gun Control Bill and Signs Pro-Gun Bill into Law



Nothing to Fear…Except our Government


President Obama has threatened to veto a bill that would protect military members’ religious free speech rights, confirming fears that his Administration plans to target Christians who discuss their faith.

Okay.. I may or may not have 3 or so of these…And you know you can find ammo for shotguns…Just saying..

7 Best Pump Shotguns for Less Than $500


Buck Ofama is a contemptible bahs-turd!

The Era of Contempt


Because? We have a culture of ‘take care of ME!” today.

Americans Happy to Give Up 4th Amendment Rights.


Vacation? Again? On my dime!!?? Screw that!!

Obama Family Vacation To Africa… $100 Million, Shooting Holes In Sequester-Impact Lies… Priceless


So that’s why you missed the Boston bombing? Spying on Americans, Christians and not…Mooslims…Buck Ofama..Impeach the bahs-turd!

Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers



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