A Tale. Ooops! Fishing? Kahr! Carrey! No Knock?

A Tale of Two Cities..

One free and one not..One with law-abiding citizens, one with serfs..

In Chicago, only criminals are allowed to have guns and when that happens the bodies of law abiding citizens keep stacking up.

In Atlanta, in a state that prides itself on the freedom of its citizens to defend themselves, the story is much different.  The man in the line gets to go home at the end of the day and be with his family and live his life.





Try this!

Walking on the Ocean Floor: The Art of Bajau Deep Sea Fishing


Another gunmaker leaving the confines of an unfriendly, anti gun state…and taking jobs with it. And tax revenue away..

Kahr Arms Considers Moving HQ from New York


How to Arm the Citizenry

And keep the bad guys at bay, along with assorted Tyrants, Despots, Government lackeys and agents etc..


Another ‘green energy‘ company bites the dust..Government has no business….in business!!

And how many tax dollars subsidized this failed venture? How many tax dollars lined someone’s pockets?

In its bankruptcy filing, Renewable Energy listed $15.9 million in debts and $6.2 million in assets.

Renewable Energy, wind equipment seller sued by state, files for bankruptcy


Why do people whom live in a fantasy land and act obnoxious roles think we really care what they say?

They really bring nothing to the table, but do have those whom fawn upon them, idiots I guess.


Jim Carrey Shoots Off His Mouth About Gun Violence


As they should be but I doubt much will happen..Until they ‘no-knock’ the wrong house and find someone with the knowledge, skills and will to fight back..

Texas Police In Court After No-Knock Raid On Gun Owner


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