Disarmed? Indicted! Homeschool! Prison?

And you wonder why Buck Ofama wants us disarmed?

400 people riot in downtown Greensboro, NC

Large-scale black mob violence in Philadelphia and West Utica

Traffic cop attacked by mob.

Poll: Do some in the media want a race riot to occur?

Sanford police brace for massive post trial race riot

So tell me whom will protect you and your family?



Trying to make a name for yourself based on a ‘hate’ crime involving ‘race’ you created?

Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey indicted for falsifying arrest warrant and complaint


I call bullshit on this!!

Home schooled kids I know, and there are many in this effed up town I live in. That trumpets it’s wonderful Government schools. Yet many home school and all seem to be above average, well adjusted and smarter, more rounded then many coming out of the government schools

I’ve had enough of this putrid Government we have in Washington…

DOJ: Governments can punish homeschoolers


No, not yet, but soon one hopes…Soon..

Michelle Obama: I’m in a ‘Prison’



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