Protecting our Youth…

New laws going into effect August 1st here in Minnesota…

Protecting who?

From what?

Their own stupidity? No consequences for their behavior? Damn idiots.

I can think of one College I responded to many times. A ‘dry’ campus mind you. Where kids would drink themselves stupider and someone would call 911, campus security, LEOs and EMS would respond.

Minor consumption ticket would be written and College would try to get it removed. Soiled their image of being ‘dry’ I guess.

• A person under age 21 who consumes or possesses an alcoholic beverage will not be subject to prosecution “if the person contacts a 911 operator to report that the person or another person is in need of medical assistance for an immediate health or safety concern provided that the person who initiates contact is the first person to make a report, provides a name and contact information, remains on the scene until assistance arrives and cooperates with the authorities at the scene.” The person receiving medical attention will also not be charged with underage drinking; nor will one or two persons acting in concert with the caller provided they provide contact information and cooperate at the scene.

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2 thoughts on “Protecting our Youth…”

  1. I was “allowed” alcohol at the ripe old age of 18. I had a couple of beers with my dad, or friends, joined the military, had a couple more once in awhile. Guess I wasn’t too “stupid”.

    Why do we have a 21 year old drinking age but 18 voting age? Why can you be drafted at 18, but in some states can’t have a concealed carry permit until 25 or 21 some places?

    Why can a 11 yr old girl get a “Day After” pill but you can’t have two drinks in some places and drive?????

    The “Stupid” people are the ones who make the laws, if you ask me.

    1. I do agree. 18 was the legal way back when for me. I abused it, as did my friends. Of course we were either left to ‘sleep it off’ or somehow found our way home..
      No cops, EMS etc involved…

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