To all whom have followed my postings on this little blog as of late…Over 264 of you now.

A big thanks!!!

I will continue to post and speak out as long as I am able to..

If we do not speak out.

If we remain silent.

If we do not bombard our elected Politicritters, local, State and Federal, constantly with our opinions and let them know where we stand..Our disgust, our disdain, our anger at what is happening to this Great Country of ours..

If we do not bother them enough with letters and phone calls to the point they do not want to hear from us…As one once did to me whining about my disagreeing and constant barrage of emails pointing out his failings…

If we do not let them see our faces and hear our voices…

If we do not make every attempt to point out their failings, misdeeds….

Then we might as well surrender and live 1984..

I will not..

I will lock and load…

Molon Labe!!




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