Buck Ofama! Poverty. Hanoi Jane! Self Reliant! To Rah-Rah? Facts Suck!

Really? Buck Ofama? Really?

Who is going to build them? Your magical unicorns?

The Government? You?

Obnoxious Obama Ridicules Republicans For Suggesting Keystone Pipeline Would Create Jobs: “There is no evidence that that’s true”


Speaking of Jobs and that ignoramus, Buck Ofama. What is he doing to help this change?

Four in five in US face near-poverty, no work


Hanoi Jane And The Progressive’s Unabashed Hatred Of America (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

Hanoi Jane is her name and she continues to demonstrate this everywhere she goes. Jane Fonda thumbs her nose at all things American, reveling in her notoriety as a traitor. Now she’s a progressive hero instead of a disgrace. Liberal progressives have…


Because it means we can take care of ourselves, families and others without the intrusion of outside ‘do gooders’ and Government fools!! ANd they don’t like it becasue they are not in control!!

Eff them..

What It Means to Be Self-Reliant… And Why We’re Hated for It


Who are these people, and who put them in charge for six figures a year, no less? Further proof that the 911 families are right. They have been begging the Feds to take over this monster.

Outrage: 9/11 Museum Director Tried to Cut Iconic Firefighter flag Photo: Too “Rah-Rah American”


Facts suck. Especially when said facts show how much disinformation and outright the Media  and Government are spreading…

Media outlets choose to ignore important statistics

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